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Recreation Street - Akazzo

Atualizado: 6 de mar. de 2020

Based on an endomarketing program, was developed and implemented the Akazzo Connection, which has as main objective the incentive and valorization of our employees, above all, as human beings.

Through the program, the company realized the first Akazzo Recreation Street, that happened in the July 22th and August 5th at the cities of Curvelo and Nova Serrana, respectively.

This integrative event looked for consolidate the teams and internal departments, besides integrating the both units. The events also included skin cleaning, hairstyles, pressure measurement, Kidplays, music and a lot of fun. And to turn the mornigs even more pleasant, breakfast tables were set up with cakes, breads and typical foods of the region, brought by the guests.

A different Sunday morning, where we showed everyone that integrate and consolidate is always a positive choice.

The AKAZZO team thanks to all the collaborators who contributed in someway: Work Reciclados, New Way, Henso Injetados, Marcos Moreira Representações , Mercure Transportes, Gema de Minas, Supermercado Oliveira, Transbarcelos, Anestor Duarte, Yandeara Oliveira Fotografia, Lógica Contábil Mercure Transportes , Cabelo Representações and Rosado Transportes.


Garota Akazzo
Rua de Lazer
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