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Akazzo Fashion Girl

Atualizado: 6 de mar. de 2020

Making off of the spring and summer 2018/19 campaign that was successful in the press.

Grounded by an endomarketing program, AKAZZO searched at the internal team the models for the summer brand campaign 2018/2019.

The Project started on June 8th 2018 at the Nova Serrana and Curvelo’s company units, on a special and motivational encounter. It was more than 50 subscriptions, between the 300 women that make part of the AKAZZO team. Five AKAZZO Fashion Girls were selected, following photogenic patterns and most of all creating a group that could represent the brasilian beauty diversity.

The Project becomes reality. The photoshoot was held on June 27th and 28th of 2018, with our models living a top model day, with beauty saloon, interviews and making videos. A dinner meeting with the directors was organized to conclude this magical day to our girls.

The collection balances the diferences between two extremely opposite themes: Tropicalism and asphalt. Relax vibe and the day-to-day rush. From the organic woman to the multitasking iron-woman, without losing her essence and naturalness.

A real tribute to the brasilian women, their natural beauty and power. We bring all of the “bossa”, happiness and colors in models that promisses to enchant the costumers.

We are pleased to introduce the AKAZZO Fashion Girls 2018/2019.


Garota Akazzo
Rua de Lazer
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