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Akazzo was founded by the owner partners Cristiano Moreira and Freud Cursage in June/2010 at Nova Serrana City. With hard work, commitment and dedication, conquered the main showcases of the footwear sector in the whole Country, producing sophisticaded and high-quality products, working with high tecnology and selected raw material. Akazzo has always been worried about the welfare of our employees, by giving them a good work condition.


In 2014, Akazzo was awarded by the Nova Serrana’s entrepreuners as the Regional Revelation Industry and Company.

In 2019, was inaugurated a new factory unit at Curvelo’s City. The place is equipped with solar boards that guarantee clean energy for the shoes production.  

Mission – Produce and comercialize female shoes with designer label visual and popular shoes price.


Vision – Become one of the biggest companies of the shoes sector.


Values – Ethic; Confiability; Team work; Respect and commitment with our providers, cooperators, sale representatives, shopkeepers and costumers; Social and environmental responsability.

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