Akazzo was founded by partners Cristiano Moreira and Freud Cursage in June 2010 in the city of Nova Serrana.


With great commitment and dedication, it has conquered the main windows of the footwear segment throughout the country, producing goods with sophisticated design and quality, working with technology and selected raw material.

Akazzo has always been concerned with providing a good working environment for its employees.

In 2014  Akazzo was awarded by the entrepreneurs of Nova Serrana as Fábrica Revelação of the region.

Mission - To produce and market women's shoes with the look of the brand and the value of popular footwear.

Vision - To be one of the biggest companies in the footwear segment.

Values ​​- Ethics; Reliability; Team work; Respect and commitment to our suppliers, employees, representatives, shopkeepers and consumers; Socio-environmental responsibility.


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